Thursday, December 15, 2011

Available at Simply Steamboat!!!!!!!


Just nak inform uols sumer now PopiaOya is available at Simply Steamboat,Bangi.So sape2 yg belum lagi rase or makan PopiaOya bole la gi kedai tu n get it yourself ok,dah siap goreng lagi tinggal nak masuk dalam mulut je..heheheh.....

You can try the ala carte menu during day time n of course there's a lot of special,delicious n interesting dishes that u may have it over there.However,at night of course u may try the steamboat(grill & steam),a lot of seafood n also fresh such as prawns,cuttlefish,chicken fillet,mussels,clams n etc.

So common guys,what are u waiting for?sape2 yg dekat ngan area Bangi/Kajang bole la singgah ye....try the ala carte n also the steamboat!!!!!!!

C u....:)

Address:Simply Stemboat,No,9 Jalan Jernang Jaya 1,Taman Jernang Jaya.

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