Monday, May 17, 2010

PopiaOya is now open for catering purchases!

Hi all,
Have I got a good news for all of you. PopiaOya has gone into catering business, but only for Popiahs la for the time being. We are in the midst of getting a few contacts and possibly contracts to have PopiaOya range of spring rolls served at birthday parties, reunion events, even jamuan2, as long as the amount is more than 200 pcs, baru la boleh panggil catering rite?
As for now, we have 2 birthday party orders coming up, 300 pcs of mixed type popiahs on each event, and more confirmed very soon.
I'm glad PopiOya has started to make inroads in the Frozen Foods business.

What I would want to emulate is to have PopiaOya as a calling card as what Willy Amos did with Famous Amos cookies. Hope it will be a reality.

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